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Wednesday 30th January 2019

$2000.00 Draw  


Friday's - weekly Draws

NOW - 3 x MUST GO Draws for gift cards

Draws at 6pm, 6.30 and 7pm. $50, $100 and $150 gift card respectively.

These draws will not be on your membership number but entered by putting your name on one of the sheets at the front entrance and you will be in the draw. Only write your name once! 

Good Luck!!



$15000.00 Draw Wednesday 23rd January 2019

Draw 1: #3514 - Brett Thornton

Draw 2: #1160 - Christine Middleton

Draw 3: #1104 - Anne Pearce


Raffle Results for Wednesday, 23rd January 2019

$2 for $50                                Jon Gardner, Kingi

Rolled Pork                              Jaye Allen, Leonie Johnston

Bacon                                       Jacqui Beale, Gavin

Lamb Roasts                            Tony Land, Red T

Scotch Fillet                             Kingi, Bonnie Kelly, Patrick W

Pork Belly                                Carter, Brent & Tony

Rump                                       B Coz

Jackpot                                    Teresa Taylor