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Wednesday 21st November 2018

$500 Draw  


Friday's - weekly Draws

NOW - 3 x MUST GO Draws for gift cards

Draws at 6pm, 6.30 and 7pm. $50, $100 and $150 gift card respectively.

These draws will not be on your membership number but entered by putting your name on one of the sheets at the front entrance and you will be in the draw. Only write your name once! 

Good Luck!!



$25000.00 Draw Wednesday 14th November 2018

Draw 1: #2309 - Marie Rolls 

Draw 2: #2108 - Judith Alderton

Draw 3: #2403 - Robert Moore




Raffle Results for Wednesday, 14th November 2018

$2 for $50                                 Dean W, Sue Stone, C Costain, JKP

Rolled Pork  Marty Davis, Ray Sullings, Teresa Watson

Scallops & Shrimps                  C Costain

Bacon                                       Ian Blair, C Costain

Lamb Roasts                            Sonya T.K

Scotch Fillet                             Liquid, Jenny M, Ian Blair

Rump                                       Seton Clare, B Beattie, SJW

Pork Belly  Jon Gardner, Carter

Jackpot                                    Rex A