Weekly Membership Draw

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Wednesday 26th September 2018

$2000 Draw  


Friday's - weekly Draws

NOW - 3 x MUST GO Draws for gift cards

1st draw and 2nd draw at 6pm and 6.30pm each a $50 gift card

3rd draw at 7pm $100 gift card. 

These draws will not be on your membership number but entered by putting your name on one of the sheets at the front entrance and you will be in the draw. Only write your name once! 

Good Luck!!



$1500.00 Draw Wednesday 19th September 2018

Draw 1: #2558 - Bev Willson

Draw 2: #0723 - Colin Evans

Draw 3: #4823 - Karen Kingsbeer



Raffle Results for Wednesday, 19th September 2018

$2 for $50                                 Blanche, Ron & Jan, DF Martin, Trish Mei

Scallops & Shrimps                  Krystal Kearns, Ron & Jan

Lamb Roasts                            Liquid, Maxine Taylor

Scotch Fillet                             Mark Hughes, John Trischler

Rump                                       Jags

Jackpot                                    Mrs Spuds better half